Internet Support

Net Neutrality 

  • Midco supports a strong and open internet. We do not block, throttle or interfere with customer access to the internet. 
  • Giving our customers the service level they sign up for is a priority at Midco. 
  • Title II laws were established in the 1930s for telephone service and should not apply to regulate today’s internet. These outdated rules are out of sync with today’s technology and raise costs to everyone. More regulation leads to increased costs to providers, slowing expansion of high-speed internet, especially in rural communities. 
  • Midco supports reasonable laws to monitor ISPs and protect customers.  

Midco is fully committed to giving our customers the open internet they expect and deserve. We are involved in the process with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to find a balanced approach to the Net Neutrality discussion. For more information on open internet issues, you may want to visit the FCC website at FCC.gov/OpenInternet.

For more information concerning Midco’s internet offering and performance, please review our Internet Service Performance details