Kansas Educator of the Year Winners

Kansas Educator of the Year Winners

2020-21 Educator of the Year Winners

Every day, teachers, instructors, cooks, janitors, administrators and others make a difference in the lives of students in our communities at preschools, daycares, and elementary, middle and high schools. These 2020-21 winners made a special connection, were nominated by those in their community and stood out as leaders in education.

Learn more about the Kansas Educator of the Year and how to nominate your favorite educator for next year!

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2020-21 Educator of the Year:
Julie Oswald

Julie Oswald is a Math teacher at Lawrence High School in Lawrence. One of Julie's nomination forms submitted by a parent said, "Anyone that can teach math and have it click with kids is AMAZING. Julie goes out of her way to make sure my child is getting it and my child has excelled on a year I really thought was going to tank her. My child has never enjoyed math until this year."

An understanding and helpful teacher, Julie Oswald goes above and beyond to make sure that her students not only understand the concepts, but gives students a way to comfortably and privately discuss any concepts that they are not quite getting. Traits that students use to describe Julie are caring, fun and relatable. 

Congratulations, Ms. Oswald! As our overall winner, Midco is giving Julie $1,000, and $1,000 to Lawrence High School. McCarthy Nissan and McCarthy Subaru are also making a $3,000 donation to Lawrence High School, and $2,000 to a charity of Julie's choice.

2020-21 Nominees

Here’s an overview of the awesome monthly winners nominated for the 2020-21 Educator of the Year award.

Melinda Dechant
Interrelated Resource Teacher
Lawrence High School

"Ms. Mindy makes all her students, who are emotionally, physically, and mentally unable to preform at the 'normal' student level, feel like they matter."

Erin Tegtmeier 
6th and 7th Grade Reading and Student Publications Teacher
Basehor-Linwood Middle School

"Mrs. Teg is also joyful and is known for her positive attitude. She is kind and open-minded to ideas and she knows how to make class a fun learning experience."  

Amanda Davis
3rd Grade Teacher 
Deerfield Elementary School

"Ms. Davis has a constant positive attitude and energy that engages her students in learning throughout the week."

Julie Oswald
Algebra/Math Teacher
Lawrence High School

"Julie Oswald is very caring and tries to help everyone. She makes sure to check in with everyone every day to see if they need help and see how their day is going."

Sarah Homan
Theatre and Speech, Advanced Theatre, and 8th Grade Reading Teacher
Basehor-Linwood Middle School 

"Ms. Homan helps her students be themselves. She is kind to everyone no matter what."

Alyssa Cruickshank
Teacher for the Visual and Hearing Impaired
Hillcrest Elementary School

"Alyssa's level of compassion for students struggling with disabilities is unmatched. She has the ability to empathize with students' families and has an inherent ability to find the best possible way to educate each child individually."

Alyson Cistola 
1st Grade Teacher
Schwegler Elementary School 

"Ms. Cistola makes connections with each kid and is always able to get the kiddos to engage in the classroom or online."

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