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Celebrating Midco Trailblazers

Trailblazing is a state of mind at Midco.® We’re not exactly hacking at brush or scaling mountains here, but we believe in approaching challenges as adventures, embracing diversity and having the confidence to be genuine in all interactions. It’s an energizing way to approach life – and it is something we see in our team members every day. They are the passion, positivity and commitment behind Midco – for our customers, communities and each other.

That’s why we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on some special team members – with the new Midco Trailblazer Stories.

Exceeding Expectations in Fargo

Midco Field Technician Nate Hoekstra cares deeply about the people who surround him – his family, his coworkers and the Midco customers he encounters on any given day. Hoekstra’s dedication to Midco customers isn’t limited to the hours designated on his schedule, either. When a storm blew through Fargo late at night, bringing down power lines and causing major outages, no one had to call him in.

“Nate, out of the blue, shows up around midnight to help out. He wasn't on call and no one called him, but his first instinct after seeing all the outages was to come and see where he could help out. It just shows how much he cares about the customers.”

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"Customers are what drive our company, and every customer Nate meets is his number one priority at the time and thereafter"
- Nevada Moe, Field Service Manager

Flying High in Fargo

NPS Specialist Ashley Goebel works every day to improve the Midco customer experience. She’s also a college student, a pilot-in-training, and a frequent volunteer.

Goebel joined Midco® in 2015 as a Customer Care Agent, after leaving a career in cosmetology. She expected the job to be a brief stepping stone to something else. Instead, she found a place to thrive.

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"People is what is important to Ashley. She loves making people happy here at Midco, and wants them to succeed with their goals. When she sees a customer or an employee that has a need, she will advocate for them. She just goes for it!"
- Kevin Perry, Customer Care Manager

Rocking Community Pride in Sioux Falls

Midco Administrative Assistant Jacki Brown is committed to leaving the world better than she found it. That means rolling up her sleeves and making her community a more beautiful place.

"We get happiness by making other people happy," she said. "It's very important to us to show our kids that spreading kindness and being a genuine individual can change things – and can be very powerful."

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"She's been very involved with Cable Olympics, she does the company picnics, the chili cookoffs, the citywide cleanups – you name it, she's involved with it."
- Marissa Trueblood, Administrative Support Manager

Smiling and Inspiring in Sioux Falls

Over the past three years, Midco Associate Product Manager Jeremy Swenson has leveraged his natural curiosity and strong work ethic to build relationships throughout the company and become an expert in our business products. He believes in bringing joy wherever he goes, whether he’s at the office or dressing up as a clown for kids in need. 

Swenson volunteers at parades, hospital visits, the Shrine Circus, and any event where the organization can raise money and awareness for its philanthropic work. He does it all with a smile on his face – and a blinking bucket on his head.

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"He's very collaborative, he's very genuine, he's very honest, and he can be bold when he needs to be. He's a hard worker, but he definitely likes to make it fun, as well."
- Ben Dold, Midco VP of Central Operations

Lighting the Way in Lawrence

As Retail Manager in Lawrence, Vivian Sanders does more than provide excellent customer service. She is a constant source of positive energy for her team. Her honesty and kindness makes a difference in the lives of her customers and coworkers – and in her community.

From building genuine relationships with senior citizens to her passion and advocacy for people with diabetes – especially kids – Sanders seeks to lead by example and show others how we can all make the world a better place.

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"Vivian’s a Trailblazer, because she lives the core value of treating others like you would want to be treated yourself. She doesn’t take a new obstacle as a challenge or burden. She looks at that as an opportunity to turn it into something positive."
- Debra Schmidt, Midco Sales Strategist

Josh Brooks Puts His Dream to Work

Josh has always had a love of sports, and he dreamed of being able to work at Midco Sports.TM Now, through hard work and the Augie Access program, he’s earned a spot as a Midco Sports Production Assistant – blazing his own trail to do what he loves.

Brooks got his foot in the door as part of an internship he completed as part of the Augie Access program, which helps students with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve academic and occupational excellence. After starting as an intern at Midco Sports, it wasn't long before his positive and genuine spirit made an impact. Now, he's earned a part-time position at Midco and a lot of respect.

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“For as long as I can remember, Josh has had the dream that he wanted to work at Midco Sports.”
- Jessica Lamb, Augie Access Program Coordinator

A Team of Trailblazers

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