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Midcontinent and PCs for People to Distribute Free Computers to Low-Income Families

Sioux Falls, SD: Midcontinent Communications® is partnering with the Minnesota nonprofit PCs for People to distribute 250 free computers to preselected low-income families in the Sioux Falls area. This event seeks to reduce electronic waste, increase broadband adoption and help bridge the digital divide.

PCs for People and Midcontinent® worked with several local organizations to identify low-income families who would benefit from personal computers. When families pick up their computer at 410 South Phillips Avenue today, they will receive basic computer training and information on discounted Internet service from Midcontinent. For many, it will be their first time owning a computer.

“We believe that home Internet access should be available to every household,” said Dan Nelson, Director of Governmental Affairs for Midcontinent. “We appreciate the way PCs for People’s efforts dovetail with our own Broadband Lifeline program that puts broadband Internet within reach for any family.”

The Lifeline program gives eligible customers a reduced monthly rate for Midcontinent broadband service (up to 12 Mbps x 1 Mbps). Customers also receive a standard or wireless modem at no charge and free installation.

“This program is a win-win for the local businesses that donated computers, so they can manage their end-of-lifecycle digital assets in a cost-effective way, and for the community,” said Casey Sorensen, Executive Director of PCs for People. “Not only are these businesses receiving valuable data wiping and hardware recycling services for free, but it’s also in a way that benefits the community. The goal of this project is to help empower people by providing them with access to technology so they can enjoy the personal, economic and educational benefits of owning a personal computer that many of us take for granted.”

A briefing on Keeping Low-Income Households Connected in the Digital Age begins at 3:30 pm on September 24 at Midcontinent Communications, 410 South Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls. Dr. Brian Maher, Superintendent for the Sioux Falls School District, plans to underscore the importance of digital access when he speaks at the briefing. The computer giveaway to families in need runs happens at the same location from 4 to 7 pm.