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Tech Tips to Make Your Holidays Merrier

Holiday Tech Tips

The holidays are a wonderful time for gathering with family and friends. While we all love to say "the more the merrier," it also means that there are that many more devices in your home trying to access your home's network, more people on the couch watching family favorites, and more fun new devices to get up and running.

As you prepare your home for the holidays, here are some tips and tricks on how you can use your technology to make the season a little merrier.


Stress-Less Wi-Fi Checklist

Prepare your network for all the extra devices and internet traffic before your guests arrive. It’s one less thing to stress about once they are at your house.

  • Before guests arrive, find your Wi-Fi password so you have it ready when your friends and relatives want to connect. Write your password down and make sure you put it in a place where it’s easily accessible. 
  • Nothing slows your Wi-Fi like obstacles and interference, but you can improve your Wi-Fi speed with just a few easy changes. Make sure your modem and router are in an open area that is clear of furniture, Christmas decorations, metal objects and appliances. Keep in mind other connected devices, like Bluetooth speakers, can also create interference.
  • Reboot your Wi-Fi routers and modems by unplugging them and waiting for 30 seconds. This should help with connectivity issues.
  • Create a guest Wi-Fi network in the Midco Wi-Fi app.1 This helps keep your network secure, since you don't have to give out your main Wi-Fi password. Plus, you can turn it off when your guests leave. 


Set the Holiday Scene

Use your home security system and Amazon Alexa to help you create a cozy holiday feeling.2


Holiday Entertainment

From feel-good romances to classic tales of red-nosed reindeer and talking snowmen, ‘tis the season for holiday movies and specials.

  • Find your favorite holiday programming or sports by using your voice-activated remote. Press the voice button and ask for what you want – such as "Show me holiday movies" – to search across live TV, ON Demand and connected streaming apps. Use Alexa integration to find movies or holiday music channels, change the channel, pause, fast forward, rewind and more.
  • Keep your family occupied before dinner and entertain everyone after you’ve eaten or opened presents. Check out the holiday programming – or any of the 40,000 titles – available ON Demand. Or set the mood with the Yule Log, Funky Christmas Tree, Yule Dogs and more on your TV, available under Free ON Demand.
  • Stream your favorites anywhere, anytime with TV Everywhere.


New Tech? No Problem.

Get your new gadgets up and running in no time with easy-to-follow guides for everything from gaming consoles to smart TVs.

  • Syncing up your remote and new TV is easier than ever with step-by-step instructions from Midco. You can also select your remote model, follow the guide, and you’ll be enjoying your favorite holiday shows in minutes.
  • You don’t need to be a technical wizard to summon your favorite channels to your new TV when you have Midco self-installation guides to help you get your cable box and TV working like magic. Visit cable TV support and select your equipment to find step-by-step instructions and more.
  • One of the most exciting parts of the holidays is seeing your tech toys in action. We have how-to instructions for the most common devices so you can connect your gear faster.

Here’s to a season of family, friends and strong connections.


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