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Affordable, Accessible Midco Xstream Gig Comes to Bowdle

April 16, 2018 – Bowdle, SD: Devoted to providing innovative services to the Midwest, Midco is now offering Midco Xstream® Gig in Bowdle and three surrounding communities. 35 times faster than the average high-speed internet, Midco Xstream Gig is available at an affordable price.

“Bowdle’s gigabit speeds are made possible by cutting-edge network technology called Remote PHY, which is particularly well suited for smaller communities. Bowdle is the first in the nation to use it,” said Midco Chief Technology Officer Jon Pederson. “As a result of this success, we hope to bring Midco Xstream Gig to many more communities.”

For residential customers, Midco Xstream Gig will provide a large amount of bandwidth to a home network – allowing multiple users to surf, stream, download and game at the same time. For business customers, Midco Business Xstream® Gig will deliver the internet capacity needed to support employee productivity and serve customers. For years, Midco has provided direct fiber services of up to 10 Gbps to businesses; however, this new advancement gives both residential and business customers the option of gigabit internet that’s both affordable and accessible to all.   

Midco Xstream Gig is part of Midco’s ongoing promise to delivering services that enhance people’s lives wherever they live and work. Midco Xstream Gig is now available to more than 80% of its customers.

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Paige Pearson Meyer
Director of Community and Media Relations