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Smiling and Inspiring in Sioux Falls

Midco employee Jeremy Swenson from Sioux Falls, SD

Jeremy Swenson is a clown. Yes, he literally dons makeup and costumes for a good cause, but he’s also someone who brings joy and connection into the workplace. As an Associate Product Manager at Midco, he knows that happy, harmonious teams get the work done – and they enjoy the process.

Learning, Growing and Building

A group of Shriner clowns and Midco employee Jeremy Swenson stand in front of van in Sioux Falls, SD“He's a hard worker, but he definitely likes to make it fun as well,” said Midco VP of Central Operations Ben Dold. “When Jeremy started at Midco, he really worked to establish strong relationships with his peers – both on his team and with the teams that he collaborated with. He was there just a really good listener. He really wanted to understand the priorities of the projects, and he’d ask how things worked.”

Swenson started with Midco as a Business Analyst in 2016, then moved to the company’s Product team, where he’s become an expert in business services. As he’s grown in his career, Swenson’s secret weapons have been the disarming effects of humor and showing genuine interest in the people around him. He forms bonds that are crucial when you’re working across teams to launch and manage products.

Outside Midco, Swenson is a dedicated husband and father of three, as well as an avid sand volleyball player and runner. One hobby that really sets him apart is his role as a Shrine clown called “Buckets.”

Clowning Around

The Shrine’s fundraising efforts support its hospital network, which bring affordable care to children with burns, orthopedic issues, neuromuscular diseases and other conditions. Swenson volunteers at parades, hospital visits and the Shrine Circus – and any event where the organization can raise money and awareness for its philanthropic work. He does it all with a smile on his face – and a blinking bucket on his head.

“I think Jeremy's personality makes him the perfect clown,” said Amber Schwiesow, Midco Director of Procurement & Supply Chain. “I remember the first time I saw him in the St. Patty's Day parade. Here comes Jeremy, smiling huge and waving to kids and handing out candy. He has such a warm personality and he's so likable. He doesn't care if he's ridiculous.”

Jeremy believes that a smile, an open mind and a high five can go a long way – whether he’s wearing clown regalia or a polo shirt. And in Midco’s estimation, that makes him a genuine Trailblazer.