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Midco Investing Nearly $400,000 in Grafton Fiber Network

November 28, 2022 – Sioux Falls, SD: Midco is investing nearly $400,000 to upgrade our fiber network in the Grafton area, bringing faster speeds to nearly 3,000 homes and businesses.

“Midco is leaping ahead with Fiber Forward, an investment that uses our robust fiber network and next-gen fiber tech to bring Midco’s state-of-the-art services and speeds to the Grafton area,” said Brett Steele, Midco’s Director of Field Operations-North Region.

Our construction team is completing 24,000 feet of underground excavation, bringing fiber closer to our customers to increase bandwidth. Midco is splitting our network from three nodes to 21, an investment that multiples both upstream and downstream capacity – bringing Grafton speeds up to 1 Gig download and 250 Mbps upload. As new technology becomes available, this upgrade will also allow Midco to continue to offer faster speeds with minimal disruption by using the existing cable within customer homes.

Learn more about Midco’s Fiber Forward initiative.