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Always know what’s going on in your home with Midco SmartHOME security sensors and detectors.1

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While notifications to your phone are a great feature, the key to any successful home security system is having it connect directly to authorities when wireless sensors are tripped – getting help to you quickly and sometimes before you are even aware of the problem. Our professional monitoring station monitors your home security system 24/7 – so you can have peace of mind in your home.2

Our starter package comes with three door and window sensors and one motion detector – at no additional cost to you! Add on water sensors, garage door sensors and more – so you always know what’s happening in your home.

Protection for Your Unique Lifestyle

Midco SmartHOME has three alarm statuses to protect your home and family at all times.

Armed Stay

When you're active in your home

The motion detectors are not armed, but your door and window sensors are, so you know if someone enters your home. This status provides a 120-second delay before the alarm goes off, so you can enter your alarm code into the touchscreen to deactivate it.

Armed Night

When you’re asleep

Keep your home safe after everyone goes to bed. Motion detectors are not armed, but there is no delay for the alarm in this setting. If a door or window sensor is tripped, the alarm will immediately sound.

Armed Away

When everyone is leaving

Motion detectors and door and window sensors are armed. If one is tripped, the system will beep audibly once per second, then twice per second for the last ten seconds before sounding an alarm and notifying our central monitoring station. (This gives you the chance to disarm the system when you come home.)

See some alarming statistics in our home security infographic.

More Than Just Home Security

Home security sensors can be used for more than just knowing when a window is left open or someone walks in the door. You can add up to 64 home security sensors to your Midco SmartHOME system – and use them in many ways to make your life easier. Here are some ideas.


Get the number of sensors and detectors that make sense for your home, without worrying about paying for it all up front. We offer new Midco SmartHOME customers the option to either pay a one-time, full payment for your equipment, or pay over a 12-month payment period.3

Motion Detectors

Get alerts and notify the authorities if motion is detected in your home while the system is armed.

Motion Detector


  • 90-degree viewing angle (up to 49 feet)
  • Detects motion in a large area through heat sensitivity
  • Pet-tolerant for animals up to 85 pounds
  • Enhanced false alarm immunity by combined Fresnel and cylindrical optics
  • 3.69 in. H x 2.5 in. W x 2.06 in. D
Motion Detector Beam


  • Detects motion through a specific area through heat sensitivity
  • Perfect for doors and windows while allowing movement in the rest of the room
  • Beam coverage extends 6 feet, 12 feet or 18 feet for custom, optimized performance
  • 1.4 in. L x 4.16 in. W x 1.2 in. D

Window and Door Sensors

Check on the Midco SmartHOME app to make sure your windows are closed when it starts raining, or that your garage door is shut after you've left home.

Door/Window Sensor


  • Three included in our starter package
  • Alerts you by email, text message and/or through the Midco SmartHOME app when a door or window is opened or closed
  • 2.32 in. L x 1.14 in. W x 0.43 in. D
Garage Door Sensor


  • Receive notifications if your garage door opens during certain times of day, such as when you’re at work
  • Monitors your garage door, but will not open or close the door
  • 3.19 in. L x 0.88 in. W x 0.94 in. D

Other Sensors

Get warnings about small leaks in basements or around appliances and sinks before they become costly and damaging, and get alerted to breaking glass if someone tries to break into your home.

Water Sensor


  • Compact design
  • IP44 Waterproof
  • Built-in alarm buzzer
  • Five-year battery life
  • ZigBee HA1.2.1 Certified
  • 1.89 in. H x 1.89 in. W x 0.81 in. D
Glass Break Detector


  • 25-foot, 360-degree range
  • Superior detection algorithm senses the sound of most types of breaking glass and other high-pitched sounds, including plate, tempered, laminated, wired, coated and sealed insulated glass
  • 3.55 in. L x 2.4 in. H x 1.2 in. D
Secure your home with Midco SmartHOME sensors!

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Convenient Controls at Your Fingertips

Check on your system and control your equipment from virtually anywhere with the Midco SmartHOME app.

  • Get alerts and notifications.
  • Arm or disarm your system.
  • View your cameras and take photos.
  • Turn your lights on or off.
  • And so much more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can customize your sensor notifications to your needs. You can decide if you want to be notified in the Midco SmartHOME app, through text message or by email. And, if your system is armed and your door and window sensors or motion detectors are tripped, they will alert the authorities after attempting to contact you.

Note: only motion detectors and door and window sensors are actively monitored when the system is armed. Other sensors, such as the water sensor, will not alert authorities. Our expert technicians who install your home security system will make sure you understand your system and can help you set up your notifications the way you want them.

Most of our sensors contain a 3V lithium battery, which on average can last between three to five years (though this can vary depending on a number of factors). Our sensors will send you an alert when a battery needs to be replaced.

Our Midco technicians will help you determine the best placement for all of your sensors.4

In general, the best placement for our motion detector is in the corner of a room, so it avoids direct sunlight, your heating system and sources of air movement. The motion detector beam is best placed in doors or windows.

No. The garage door sensor is essentially the same as our door and window sensor, but specifically manufactured to fit garage doors. It is made to monitor your garage door only, and will not open or close the door.

Have more questions or want to order Midco SmartHOME equipment?

Services are not available in all areas, and some restrictions apply. All images shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement. For more details and assistance, please contact us at Midco.com/Contact. 

1 Certain equipment may be limited by local ordinance or dwelling. Equipment and features that include arming/disarming and alerting of emergency services require professionally monitored service. Midco SmartHOME requires Midco Internet 50 service or higher. The Midco SmartHOME app and Subscriber Portal are not accessible from all countries outside of the United States. Customer is liable for damaged or stolen equipment, and for false alarms. False alarm ordinances may apply. Contact your local municipality for more information. Some municipal ordinances may restrict smoke alarm installation. Cellular signal strength may affect system performance. Service is provided under Terms and Conditions at Midco.com/Legal.

2 Not all monitored sensors will issue a call to emergency services. Some sensors, such as a water sensor, will only notify you that the sensor has been tripped. Consult your Midco technician or call 1.800.888.1300 for more details.

3 Extended payment period (12 months) is available for Midco SmartHOME equipment for new customers. If customer cancels prior to the payment period ending, they will be responsible for any remaining balance upon disconnect and for returning any leased equipment.

4 To ensure proper setup and customer training, Midco SmartHOME installations occur at 8 am or 1 pm local time.

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