Billing & Online Account Support

PPV Ordering and Premium Channel Swap

To order pay-per-view events through the app:

You may order select pay-per-view events through the app. Events are hand picked and do not include all available titles you may see when ordering through the equipment at your house. 

  1. Tap the Midco logo. 
  2. Select Cable TV.
  3. Choose Pay-Per-View Events.
  4. Select an event. Make sure to choose either HD or SD for your event. 
  5. Click OK to confirm your purchase. 

Congratulations! You've ordered a PPV event. If you have questions, call 1.800.888.1300. 


To swap premium channels in the app:
  1. Go to Services by tapping the Midco logo.
  2. Select Cable TV.
  3. Choose Premium Channel Swap
  4. You'll be shown a list of offered premium channels, with the ones you are currently subscribed to noted as Selected. Tap Swap Channels
  5. Toggle on or off the channels you want to swap and select Save

You can begin watching your new premium package instantly. 

You can swap your premium channels once every 30 days. Additional premium swaps within a 30-day period will result in a one-time fee for each change. If you're currently enrolled in an offer, swapping your Premium Movie Package could affect your overall monthly pricing. Contact us with questions.