Billing & Online Account Support

Payment Status

To check the status of a pending, one-time payment:

  1. Log in to Midco.com/MyAccount.
  2. Under Billing, click View Billing Details.
  3. Under Billing Actions, select View Payments
  4. When a list of payments appears, you'll see the payment status under Description. Click Details to the right of the payment you’d like to review. 

Alternately, you can also view the status of your payment on our secure card payment site:

  1. Log in to Midco.com/MyAccount.
  2. Under Billing, click Make a Payment and select Credit/Debit.
  3. The Payments page will display a timeline of your payment status.
    • Scheduled – Your payment is scheduled for your designated payment date.
    • Pending – The payment has been submitted to the payment processor.
    • Approved – The payment processor has approved your payment.
    • Rejected – The payment processor has rejected your payment. Please contact us with questions.
    • Remit – The payment to Midco has been processed and completed.