Billing & Online Account Support

Statement Viewing and Filing

Access your current and recent e-statements anytime online in My Account. 

Note: If you move to a new address and transfer your Midco services, you will lose access to past statements in My Account. If you want to keep them, please download and save your statements prior to moving. 

To view your current statement:
  1. Log in to Midco.com/MyAccount.
  2. Under Billing, click View Billing Details.
  3. Under Billing Actions, select View Statements
  4. When a list of statements appears, click View to the right of the statement date you’d like to review. A new window will open with a PDF of the statement.

For an explanation about the various areas of the statement, refer to the Statement Quick Guide. If you still have questions, please contact us. For your own privacy and security, we can only discuss billing and payment matters by phone, secure chat or in person at one of our local Customer Experience Centers.

If you choose to use our secure payment site for credit card payments, you can file past bills to save them for future reference.

To file past bills you'd like to save for future reference:
  1. Log in to Midco.com/MyAccount, and click View Billing Details.
  2. Click Pay with Credit/Debit. A new window will open to our secure billing and payment system.
  3. On the Current Bills page, you can file one bill or multiple bills.
    • To file a single bill, locate the date of the statement, and click the File button. 

    • To file multiple bills at the same time, check the boxes next to each statement you’d like to file, and then click File Selected at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click OK to file the bill(s) you selected.

To view your filed bills, go to the Filed Bills tab.