Cable TV Support

How to Watch TV and Movies in HD

Midco cable packages include both standard-definition and high-definition (HD) channels. There are several things you need to watch in HD.

  • HD TV - Whether you choose 720p or 1080i resolution, HD TVs display many more lines of resolution compared to traditional sets, which only display 525 lines of horizontal resolution. This results in a much crisper, more realistic picture. Plasma and LCDs are two common options for these TVs.
  • HD Cable Equipment - Your TV must be able to process and capture HD signals in order to display them. Midco offers a variety of HD cable TV equipment, including the TiVo DVR/Mini, HD receiver, HD digital adapter and CableCARD. Some customers may have Midco-provided DVRs that are also HD-compatible.
  • HD Connection - An HD TV must be connected by HDMI or DVI cables, which are often are sold separately at electronics store. However, Midco provides HDMI connects when our technicians professionally install new cable TV service.
  • HD Programming - The program or movie you're watching must be produced and delivered with high definition resolution. 
  • HD Channel - Even if a program says it was produced in HD, it needs to be on a channel that is broadcast in HD. On your Midco channel lineup and on-screen guide, look for channels noted as HD.