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Am I watching a program or movie in HD?

By now you’ve heard about high definition and how it can enhance your viewing experience. There are a variety of high definition televisions available to the public. High definition viewing requires the following elements:

Requirements for High Definition Viewing:

  • High Definition Television - Whether you choose 720p or 1080i, high definition televisions display many more lines of resolution compared to traditional sets which only display 525 lines of horizontal resolution. This results in a much crisper, more realistic picture. Plasma and LCD’s are two common options for these televisions.
  • High Definition Receiver - Your new TV must have the ability to process and capture high definition signals in order to display them on your television properly which requires a high definition Receiver. A High Definition receiver from Midco® (DVR, HD Receiver, HD Digital Adapter or TiVo) is your best option for receiving these signals. However you will need a DVR, HD receiver or CableCARD to receive the entire Midco HD cable programming lineup.
  • High Definition Connection - A high definition television needs to have the appropriate connection to the tuner in order to get the signal translated properly. Common types of connectors include component, HDMI or DVI cables. Many times these cables are sold separately at electronics store. However, if you have a professional cable HD install, Midco will provide either component or HDMI connections free of charge as part of the HD service.
  • High Definition Programming - A high definition television, tuner and connection will not give you a better picture unless the program you’re watching has been produced and delivered with high definition resolution. So, if the program was produced with fewer lines of resolution (525 standard), it will likely look worse as your TV will be attempting to display it at 720 or 1080.
  • High Definition Channel - Even if a program says it was produced in high definition, it needs to be on a channel that is broadcast in high definition. That’s why you need high definition service from your cable provider. Midco delivers a variety of HD programming and we continue to add more HD programs. 

Don’t miss out on making the most of your new investment. Make sure you’re watching true high definition. For any additional questions on high definition, please contact 1.800.888.1300.