Tech Tips

Interactive Guide (iGuide)

No more waiting – your iGuide unlocks a whole new television experience. Look for your favorite programs up to seven days out on any channel, make a favorites folder for everyone in your house and set parental controls on individual channels, programs ratings and more. Start taking control today.

Locate these steps and additional video tutorials in the Tech Tips folder in the ON Demand Main Menu.

Having troubles with your iGuide? Try rebooting your set-top box.

Press the Guide button to see what’s on now and in the future. This will show a 90-minute view of what is on, with the current channel you’re watching appearing first in the list.

  • Use the left and right arrow buttons to move ahead and back in the listings.
  • Use the up and down arrows to view other channels.
  • Use Day+ and Day- buttons on your remote to move ahead or back one day at a time.
  • To view program listings by channel, press Guide again while in the guide.
  • To learn more about a program, highlight the program in the guide and press Info.
  • To select a program to watch, highlight the program and press OK/Select.
  • To record a program, highlight the program and press the red record button.

Video ON Demand can be accessed by:

  • Press ON Demand on your remote control
  • Press Menu, then Select ON Demand from the Quick Menu.
  • Or tune your TV to channel 1

Video ON Demand content is organized by category (Free ON Demand, New Releases, etc.).

When you select a program, it will tell you the rating information, if it’s free content or if there’s a cost, and also if it’s high definition.

  • If the program is free, select the eye icon to watch that program.
  • If the program has a cost, select the Buy icon to watch that program.
    • Confirm the purchase by selecting Buy again. If you have a purchase PIN established, enter your four-digit PIN to complete your purchase.

Access your recent ON Demand rentals (purchased or free) in the My Rentals folder in the ON Demand menu. This folder will store up to 15 programs for 24 hours. You can access this folder and watch your rentals from any set top box in your home.

  1. On your remote control, press the FAV button.
  2. Select Setup Favorite List.
  3. Name your Favorite List.
    • Arrow over to keyboard icon titled Rename this Favorite List, and press OK/Select.
    • Use the up, down, left and rightarrow buttons to highlight letters,  and press OK/Select to select individual letters.
    • Once the name is correct, arrow up and over to save, and press OK/Select.
  4. Create your Favorite List.
    • Arrow over to heart icon and press OK/Select.
    • Use the left and right arrow buttons to choose to sort the channel selector by name or number.
    • Arrow up and down through your channels until you come to a channel you want to add to your Favorite List. Highlight the channel, and press OK/Select. A heart icon will appear on that channel to indicate it’s been added to your Favorite List.
    • Repeat for all the channels you want to add to your Favorite List.
    • When you’re done, arrow down and over to the check mark icon titled Confirm Favorite Channel Settings, and press OK/Select.

Press the FAV button on your remote.

To add another channel to your existing Favorite List:

  1. Press Info while viewing the channel.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to select the heart icon to add the channel to your Favorite List.
  1. From the Main Menu, arrow over to the heart icon and press OK/Select.
  2. Arrow up and down through your channels until you’ve highlighted the channel you want removed from your list. Press OK/Select.
    • The heart icon will disappear, indicating the channel has been removed from your list.
  3. Repeat for all the channels you want to remove from your Favorite List.
  4. When you’re done, arrow down and over to the check mark icon titled Confirm Favorite Channel Settings, and press OK/Select.

Parental controls give you the ability to restrict viewing of live TV, recorded shows, certain channels and ON Demand purchases based on personal viewing preferences.

In order to enable these locks, you need to create a parental control PIN. Each PIN is unique to a specific piece of equipment – so you will need to set up a separate PIN for each set top box in your home.

To set up parental controls:

  1. Press Menu on your remote, and select Main Menu.
  2. Choose Setup, and then Parental Control Setup.
  3. Enter a four-digit PIN in Create Locks PIN, and re-enter it to confirm.
  4. Set up your preferred locks in the Parental Controls menu based on the following:
    • Movie Rating
    • TV Rating
    • TV Content
    • Channel
    • Title
    • Service
    • Hide Titles
    • Master Locks
    • PINs Setup
  5. In a category, use the arrow buttons on your remote to highlight the rating you want to lock. Then press OK/Select to enable a lock. This will lock that rating and all higher ratings.
    • For example: When PG-13 ratings are locked, R, NC-17 and adult ratings are also locked. A lock icon will show next to ratings that are locked.
    • Not sure about TV and Movie Ratings? Learn more here.
  6. Press the Last button to return to the Parental Controls menu and select another category.
  7. Under PINs Setup, you can clear your current Parental Control (Locks) PIN or create a Purchase PIN.
    • The Purchase PIN gives another level of control to prevent content such as Pay Per View or On Demand content from being purchased without your permission. This PIN should be different from your Parental Controls PIN. 

Customize your iGuide experience based on your preferences.

To make changes:

  1. Press Menu twice, and then arrow down to the second page on the TV Guide main menu.
  2. High Setup, and press OK/Select.

Here, you can change the colors of the iGuide, enable Auto Tune, default reminder times, etc.

Tell your iGuide to remind you about a show you want to watch.

To set up reminders:

  1. From the programming guide, highlight the show you want to be reminded about, and press Info.
  2. Select the Bell icon to set or cancel a reminder.
    • To create a reminder using the default settings, highlight Remind and press OK/Select.
    • To customize the reminder settings, select View reminder settings. Modify settings and select Remind with these settings.

If a show has a reminder set up for it, there will be a bell icon displayed when you press Info for that show.

Whether you want to watch a certain show, but can’t remember what channel it’s on, or you can’t remember the title of the movie but know the main actor’s name, you can search your programming guide to find what you want to watch.  

To access search features:

  1. Press Menu on your remote, and select the Search (magnifying glass) icon from the Quick Menu.
  2. Search by a specific title, keyword or actor/director, or search by category (like Movies, Sports and Kids).
  3. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to type your search, and use the right arrow button to highlight Search Now, and then Ok/Select.
  4. Browse through the relevant search results.
    • From this list, you can select a show that’s on right now to watch, or a show that’s on in the future to set up a single or series recording.
    • You can also choose Auto-Record to automatically record all titles that came back in your search results.
    • Select Save Search to make it easier to find similar shows in the future.

Here are two common reasons why you may see a To Be Announced message in your iGuide.

  • The set-top box has yet to receive programming information, but channels are still available for viewing. If there was a power interruption, it can take about an hour to start filling in, and your guide will show To Be Announced in the meantime. This is not a problem with your services – it simply takes time for your iGuide to connect and download show information from the many different channels in your lineup.
  • Programming information is generally two to 10 days in advance. If you’re seeing To Be Announced messaging outside of that time frame, either the set-top box hasn’t downloaded the information yet or the programming vendor hasn’t provided us the information yet.

Your set top box shows all available channels and programming information – even ones that aren’t currently in your subscribed cable TV package. If you try to tune into a channel not in your package, you will see a Not Authorized message.

If you want to add new channels to your account, chat live with uscall us at 1.800.888.1300 or stop in at your local Customer Experience Center. Once the channels are added to your account, it only takes a few minutes for your set-top box to recognize the changes and start showing you your new programming.

If you currently subscribe to the channel(s) currently displaying the Not Authorized message, contact our technical support 24/7 at Midco.com/Contact or call us at 1.800.888.1300.