Cable TV Support

Pay-Per-View & ON Demand

You can access great entertainment 24/7 with pay-per-view (PPV) and ON Demand programming from Midco®. Whether you love movies, sports or both, you’ll enjoy watching when it fits your schedule. 

Equipment Requirements: PPV and ON Demand viewing is available if you use a Midco TiVo, standard Midco DVR, HD digital receiver or digital receiver. PPV and ON Demand are not available for HD digital adapters, digital adapters and CableCARDs (even if used in conjunction with a compatible equipment type, such as TiVo and CableCARD combination.)

How to Order PPV Programming

Learn how to get your order in through your cable TV box, in the My Account app or by calling us.1

How to View New ON Demand Movie Listings

See what movies are newly available through ON Demand.

How to Record a PPV Movie or Event

Find out how to set your DVR to record PPV. (ON Demand programs aren't available for recording.)

Note: If you ordered a PPV movie or event, but missed it, you won't be charged for the order unless you tune into to it or set up a DVR recording of the PPV movie or event.

1 Select PPV events are available through order in the My Account app.