Cable TV Support

How to Order PPV

Pay-per-view (PPV) gives you more ways to get the entertainment you want. It’s easy to order directly through the Midco My Account app, your TiVo®, Midco DVR or digital receiver. You can also call customer service at 1.800.888.1300 to order PPV events.

Equipment Requirements 

PPV and ON Demand viewing is available if you use a Midco TiVo, standard Midco DVR, HD digital receiver or digital receiver. PPV and ON Demand are not available for HD digital adapters, digital adapters and CableCARDs (even if used in conjunction with a compatible equipment type, such as TiVo and CableCARD combination.)

How Order Method Affects Program Watching
  • If you order through your Midco cable equipment, you’ll watch the event on the TV connected to that specific cable equipment. If you want to watch it on another TV in your home, you can give us a call or order the same channel (SD or HD) on that other TV. Your account will only be billed once.
  • If you order by phone, you can watch the event on all TVs connected to the proper Midco equipment.
Order Through the Midco My Account App

You can order select PPV events through the app only before the event begins.

  1. In the Midco My Account app, tap the Midco logo (at the top of the screen on Android devices and the bottom for iOS devices).
  2. Tap Cable TV, and then Pay-Per-View Events.
  3. Browse the avaialble events, which display date, time and cost for HD (high definition) and SD (standard definition) video formats.
  4. To place order, select either the Order HD or Order SD button.
  5. On the confirmation pop-up, review the cost information and tap OK to make the purchase. After you've placed the order, the event listing in the app will show the event order, time, video format and channel.
Order Through Your TiVo®
  1. Choose Guide on your TiVo remote and find the title that interests you.
    • Make sure you select the proper channel for whether you want standard definition, HD or Spanish PPV content.
  2. Press Select.
  3. Select Rent and Record to order the program and complete your order.
Order Through Your Midco DVR, HD Digital Receiver or Standard Digital Receiver
  1. Select PPV from the Main Menu or Quick Menu and find the program that interests you.
    • Make sure you select the proper channel for whether you want standard definition, HD or Spanish PPV content.
  2. Press OK/Select for more details.
  3. Choose the Buy icon to purchase.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your order. If you’re ordering in advance, your DVR or digital receiver automatically sets a reminder to notify you before the program begins.
Order by Phone
  1. Call 1.800.888.1300 and speak to a Midco representative.
  2. Watch the ordered PPV programming on any Midco equipment in your house. Remember to set a reminder on your cell phone or TV equipment so you don’t miss the show!
Things to Know
  • You can order a PPV event in advance, or anytime during the event, except with the Midco My Account app. Orders through the app can only take place before an event begins.
  • When ordering, choose either standard definition, HD or Spanish (if available). Each format appears on a different channel. Changing to a different version after you’ve ordered one version (from the standard definition to the HD version, for example) will add additional charges.
  • Make sure your account is current (not past due) to enjoy your PPV event.
  • You can record some PPV events.
Business Customers

Businesses can order PPV sporting events, but are not eligible to order PPV movies.

  1. Contact Midco at 1.800.888.1300 to confirm promoter information for the event that interests you. Promoters can vary per event.
    • For UFC fights, the promoter is Joe Hand Promotions. Contact them at 1.800.557.4263.
  2. Contact the promoter to place your order at least 10 days prior to the event date.
    • Your fire occupancy and other information may be required to place your order. If your business is a public-view establishment, pricing will vary based on your fire occupancy (how many people could potentially watch the event in your business).
    • You will pay the promoter’s fee.
  3. The promoter will contact Midco to inform us of your order. A one-time charge to Midco will appear on your next monthly statement.
  4. Our support team will contact you the day of the event to test in advance that you can access the event.