Cable TV Support

How do I record a Pay-Per-View (PPV) or ON Demand broadcast?

To record a PPV event:

In certain situations, you can record a PPV event. Your access to the recording varies by timing and your cable TV equipment.

  • PPV events can be recorded on your DVR. Purchase the event, and then select the red record icon. Select Record this Program.
  • PPV broadcasts can be recorded manually – but not scheduled in advance. Just press the record button on your DVR remote when the program begins.
  • TiVo DVRs set up the recording when you select the PPV order through your remote. Be sure to use the Rent and Record option.
  • Programs recording on TiVo DVRs are only accessible for 90 minutes after the end of the program air time, due to program provider copyright restrictions. If you record on a regular DVR, programs are available until you delete the recording.
ON Demand Programming:

ON Demand broadcasts may not be recorded. Since the service is available "On Demand," you may view it again from the ON Demand menu.