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Troubleshoot My Recordings

How do I change my OnePass™ options?

When you first set up a OnePass, highlight Create a OnePass. Instead of pressing Select to create a OnePass, press the Right Arrow button and choose Options

To modify an existing OnePass, from the My Shows screen, go to Manage Recordings & OnePass, and then OnePass Manager. Select the OnePass you want to modify. 

For tutorials and more about OnePass, visit TiVo.com


My DVR isn't full, but when I try to schedule more shows, the DVR says there isn't room. 

Your TiVo® DVR can tell not only how much space you have left on your DVR, but also how much space will be needed in the future to record the shows you have scheduled. If your DVR will be full in the near future, your DVR should inform you and suggest options – such as allowing some shows to be deleted early – that will allow you to schedule more recordings. 

The amount of recording space your DVR needs varies from channel to channel and from show to show. Fast-moving sports or action movies will take up more recording space, and high definition shows take up much more space than standard-definition shows.


Why wasn't my show recorded?
  • Make sure the DVR is connecting to the TiVo service. You can check the status from TiVo Central by choosing Settings, and then Network Settings
  • View your history for an explanation of why the show didn't record. To view your history, choose Search & OnePass from the My Shows screen, and then select History. Some reasons why your show might not have recorded include:
    • There was a conflict with a repeated recording. When there is a conflict, shows are recorded according to their priority in the OnePass Manager. 
    • Your OnePass is set to record new episodes only, and the show was a rerun. 
    • The show was deleted from the My Shows list by someone else in your household. 
    • There was a conflict when requesting another show, and you accepted the proposed resolution to delete the missing show earlier than planned. 
    • There was a power outage that affected the recording. 


What happens if my DVR temporarily loses power?

Any programs scheduled to record will not be recorded during a power outage. If a recording is in progress during a power outage, the recording will resume once power is restored and the DVR restarts. The recording may show up in two parts if the power is restored during the time the recording was made. 

Your OnePasses, WishList Searches, and all existing recordings in the My Shows list will not be affected. Shows in your To Do List will record as scheduled once the power is restored.


For more help, see the TiVo Service Quick Guide or go to TiVo.com