Cable TV Support

How do I use parental controls with TV Everywhere?

Parental controls are not enabled by default, which means that all content is available for viewing through all email addresses until changes are made.

Parental controls can be managed through My Account for all email addresses. When you make parental control changes, it takes up to one minute for the changes to take effect on the email address/login.

If you're signed in to a TV Everywhere app or site, parental controls do not take effect until you sign out and sign back in again.

How to set parental controls for TV Everywhere:

  • Log in to My Account.
  • Click Parental Controls under the TV Everywhere logo.
  • Select email address to manage in Email Account dropdown.
  • Select maximum TV Rating to be viewed.
  • Select maximum Movie Rating to be viewed.
  • Unrated content can be restricted. Leave unchecked to restrict or check it to allow unrated content.
  • Click Save to update the Parental Controls.

 Parental controls require about 30 to 60 seconds to apply.