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Sun Outages

What are sun outages?

Each spring and fall, solar radiation interferes with satellites and interrupts signals, affecting all satellite and cable TV providers globally. Outages may last up to several minutes and affect picture quality and sound. Sun outages do not affect the internet, phone or ON Demand services. Scheduled recordings may show any picture or audio issues that occurred during the program, but will not otherwise be affected.

When do sun outages happen?

Sun outages typically happen in February/March and September/October. The spring 2018 sun outages are expected to happen from Noon to 5 pm daily from February 25 - March 14, 2018. 

What does a sun outage look like?

Sun outages often start as sparkles in your TV’s picture and may gradually deteriorate to a total outage. Some channels experience blocks or freeze frames in the picture. Sound may also be affected. 

I think I’m experiencing a sun outage. What can I do?

Hang tight! The sun outage should resolve itself within a few minutes. If you have an outage that lasts more than 15 minutes or affects all your channels at one time, let us know at Midco.com/Contact.