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How do I manage my Cameras?

You can have up to six cameras connected to a TouchScreen at a time. For each camera you can:

  • Assign a name to it when it is added.
  • Associate it with a sensor so that is takes a series of pictures when an alarm is tripped by the sensor.
  • Enable or disable the camera LED for some brand of cameras.
  • Choose the video quality used by each camera based on the quality of the Wi-Fi between the camera and your security network.

Note: From the Subscriber Portal you can manually take pictures from a selected camera.

IMPORTANT: The camera images are accessible to the TouchScreen device and (for one of the cameras) to the Subscriber Portal. Midco tools do not have access to these images.

Use the following procedures to:

  • Change the name of a camera as it appears in the TouchScreen and in the Subscriber Portal.
  • Assign, reassign, and unassign a camera to a sensor so that it takes a series of pictures when an alarm is tripped by the sensor.
  • Modify the image quality displayed by the TouchScreen.
  • Determine whether the camera LED is lit or not.

To modify the details of a camera:

  1. From the Settings app, tap Home Devices.
    The Home Devices menu is displayed.
  2. Tap Cameras > Edit a Camera.
    The Edit a Cameras screen is displayed showing icons of each installed camera.
  3. Tap the image or label of the camera to select it.
    The details of the selected camera are displayed.Edit New Camera
  4. Tap the Camera Name fields to display a keyboard screen and rename the Camera zone. Tap Done to accept your changes.
    Tap the Associated Zone field to display menu of options for assigning the camera to a security zone.
    Tap the Video Quality field to test the upload network speed and determine the best video quality level for the current camera.

    Note: When you modify the video quality, the system lets you choose to display live video in three levels based on the camera‚Äôs connection speed to the system servers.
    Adjust Video QualityTap Run Speed Test to have the TouchScreen upload a file to the system servers and gauge the amount of time it takes to receive an acknowledgement. This allows the TouchScreen to recommend video quality level.
  5. Tap Next.
    The Cameras screen is displayed again.
  6. Tap a camera image to modify additional cameras or tap the Home icon to return to the main screen.

To modify the video quality displayed by a particular camera: 

  1. Access the details of a camera for editing.
    The Edit a Camera screen is displayed showing a label and a captured image of all the camera views.Edit New Camera
  2. Tap the Video Quality field to determine the ideal level of video detail to be captured by the device.
    The Adjust Camera Video Quality screen is displayed.Adjust Video Quality
  3. Tap High, Medium or Low to select the video quality of the camera. Select an option in which the network upload capacity is less than the upload network speed.
  4. To update the upload network speed, tap Run Speed Test.Adjust Video Quality 2
  5. Tap Next to return to the Adjust Camera Video Quality screen.
  6. Tap the appropriate video quality based on themeasured speed of theWi-Fi between the camera and your security network, and tap Next.