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How do I manage my Security Zones?

The following table describes the available Security zones.

Entry Exit Point Doorways from which users enter and exit an armed premises. Open and Closed
Non-Entry/Exit Points Windows or doorways that serve as a perimeter and are not used to enter or exit an armed premises. Open and Closed
Interior motion detectors Motion detectors inside the premises. Motion and Still
Exterior motion detectors Motion detectors on the premises grounds. Motion and Still

 To manage Security zones, select Security > Security Zones on the toolbar.

The Security Zones screen is displayed.

Security Zones

This screen displays the current state of each zone and the last time each reported an event.

From this screen you can:

  • Modify the names of the zones used by the Subscriber Portal.
  • Turn zones off and on.

Note: Zones that are turned off do not trip alarms when they are faulted. Fire/Smoke detectors cannot be turned off.

When you hover the mouse over the Clock Icon icon for any device listed, the recent events history for that device appears. As soon as you move the mouse, the recent events history disappears.