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How do I set up my Central Station Passcode?

The secret word (also known as the central station passcode) is used in alarm situations when the central monitoring station calls to verify an alarm. It validates that the person answering the telephone is who they say they are.

You must provide the keypad master code to set or view the secret word (central station passcode). 

To set or view the secret word (central station passcode):

  1. Select Security > Emergency Dispatch Setup on the toolbar.
    The Emergency Dispatch screen is displayed.
    Emergency Dispatch Setup
  2. Click Unlock to View/Edit.
    The Account Verification Screen is displayed.
    Account Verification Screen
  3. Enter your keypad master code and click OK. A text box that contains the secret word (central station passcode) is displayed.
  4. To change the secret work (central station passcode), type the new word in the text box and click OK.

Click Cancel if you do not want to change the value.