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How to Record Video

You can record continuous video from one camera at a time to a 64 GB Class 10 SD memory card (available for purchase from Midco) inserted into the in-home touchscreen. You can store up to seven days of 24-hour, recorded video on the memory card.

For 24/7 recording, you must use a 64 GB Class 10 SD memory card.

  • If you aren’t using a Class 10 SD card, the in-home touchscreen will display a message asking you to insert a 64 GB Class 10 SD card. It will not start recording until you insert the correct SD card. 
  • If your SD card is Class 10, but below 64 GB, you cannot record video 24/7. The in-home touchscreen will give you an estimate of how many hours of recording your SD card can hold.

Video can only be recorded from a single camera at a time.