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Midco SmartHOME and Pets

Your Midco SmartHOME system is designed to accommodate pets. For example, our motion sensor is able to avoid detecting pets up to 85 pounds. When our technician installs your home security system, they will help you customize your system and equipment to fit your specific needs.


Rental Properties

Even if you rent your home or apartment, you can have a Midco SmartHOME security system installed. There are some restrictions on equipment – for example, you cannot have outdoor cameras installed in an apartment complex. You must also have a Landlord Permission Form completed before we can install your home security system.


Homeowner’s Insurance Discount

Midco SmartHOMETM is a UL-certified monitoring system, which means you may be eligible for a homeowner’s insurance discount. Check with your insurance agent to see if you should submit the Midco SmartHOME Insurance Premium Request.