Internet Support

What steps does Midco take to reduce Internet Abuse?

For the protection of our customers, Midco® uses specific security measures in the interest of our customers. Through our customer portal called My Account, customers can disable these measures if they choose. By default, all incoming email to Midco servers is scanned for spam and viruses. If spam email or a virus is detected, the email message is deleted to prevent potentially harmful infections. Outgoing email is scanned for viruses and deleted if a virus is found. These email security measures apply only to email provided by Midco. Mail traffic from Google accounts, Apple, and others is not subject to these security measures.

Midco seeks to protect customer security by implementing standard security measures, including password requirements for access to customer email and customer account information; limiting access to customer information by customer employees; and maintaining secure servers for customer information and email accounts.

Attempts to breach customer information security are addressed based on the nature of the attempt and, depending on the circumstances, responses may include employee discipline, notification to the customer, blocking access to the customer account until security is reestablished or other appropriate measures. Midco monitors network activity to determine if there have been any security breaches, and responds appropriately to any breaches. Responses may include suspending or terminating accounts of any customers responsible for such breaches.

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