Internet Support


You can have up to 10 Midco email addresses with your Midco internet or cable service. You might want one for everyone in the family – or for particular uses, such as paying bills. No matter where you need to access your email, we make it easy to log in and check your messages from anywhere with an internet connection.

Each email address comes with built-in email spam and virus protection, and up to 5 GB of storage.  

How to Create a New Midco Email Account

Set up a free Midco email address, so you can read and send email messages, and access TV Everywhere online streaming.1

How to Sign In to Midco Email

Learn where to log in to Midco email online, so you can check your messages.

How to Change Midco Email Password

Forget your email password? Reset your email password, so you can sign in to your Midco email account or access TV Everywhere online streaming.1

How to Set Up Midco Email on My Computer and Devices

Get a new smartphone? It's easy to set up your Midco email on various mobile devices, you can check your messages from your mail apps.

How to Configure Email Server Settings

Learn how to set up email client programs for Midco email.

How to Set TV Everywhere Parental Controls

Set controls for certain network app content available through TV Everywhere. (You use your Midco email address to confirm you're a Midco customer and establish controls by email address.)

How to Manage Midco Email Storage

Learn how to manage your Midco email storage, so you can stay within the 5 GB limit, and see how Midco manages spam. 

How to Use Midco Email

Get details on using managing your Midco email inbox, saving contacts from a previous email address, adding attachments from Google Drive and more.

How to Protect Against Email Phishing and Scams

Get educated to prevent yourself from falling victim to email, phishing and other online scams.

How to Delete a Midco Email Account

Learn how to delete a Midco email account you no longer use or need.

How to Decide the Right Email Program for You

Learn about the differences and benefits of web-based and software-based email programs. 

1 TV Everywhere streaming is available through network apps for cable TV customers, based on their cable package.