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How to Understand Email Programs

There are two basic types of email programs, and each has its own advantages – as you consider which is the best option for you.

Software-Based Email Programs
  • Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail and other software-based email programs are installed on your computer.
  • They store your emails, address book, calendar and settings on your computer – and generally have more features and options than web-based programs. 
  • They can be quicker for sorting and storing a large quantity of emails, or for storing email for long periods of time.
  • If your internet connection is done, you can still access your emails and create new ones that can be sent once your internet connection is back up.
Web-Based Email Programs
  • Midco email, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other web-based email pgorams are accessed through your internet browser – not installed on your computer. 
  • They can be accessed from any device connected to the internet, so they can be useful if you travel frequently or want to retrieve your email from multiple devices.
  • They require an internet connection to view any emails, since your emails are stored on mail server connected to the internet – and not on your computer.