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What email program should I use?

There are two basic types of email programs. Software based email programs such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, and Thunderbird, etc. are installed on your computer. Web based email programs like Midco Webmail, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail are accessed through your Internet browser, and are not installed on your computer.

There are advantages to both types of email programs. Software based email programs store your emails, address books, and settings on your computer and generally have more features and options than web based programs. They can be quicker for sorting and storing large numbers of emails, or for storing email for long periods. If your Internet connection was down, you could still access your emails and create new emails that could be sent once your internet connection was back up. Web based programs can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet, so are useful if you travel frequently or want to retrieve your email from multiple devices. They require an Internet connection to view any of your emails, since your emails are stored on a mail server on the Internet, and not on your computer.