Internet Support

What is the best location for my wireless modem?

Where your wireless modem is located can affect the Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. To provide the best signal possible, here are some items to consider regarding your wireless modem:

  • Because distance from the wireless modem impacts Wi-Fi performance and signal strength, place your modem centrally in your home* where you use wireless devices most often. The size and layout of your home may also impact performance, meaning wireless coverage may be limited in some areas in a large home or multiple-level home.
  • Maximize the wireless modem’s ability to broadcast a solid, dependable wireless signal by elevating it on a table or stand to keep it off the floor.
  • Keep your modem in the open. Avoid closets or cabinets, and don’t place it behind other electronics such as TVs, stereos/sound bars and computers.
  • Your surrounding can impact Wi-Fi performance – including building materials and other household devices such as:
    • Microwaves and cordless phones (2.4GHz models)
    • Metal (steel construction materials, doors, etc.)
    • Concrete and brick
    • Glass (windows, patio doors and aquariums)

 *All cable outlets in a home may not be active. If an outlet is not active and you would like to move your modem to it, a Midco technician visit will be needed. Applicable charges apply for a technician visit.