Internet Support

How do I test my internet speeds?

Internet speeds vary based on your equipment, its location or age, and whether you’re using a wired or wireless connection. Running an internet speed test on your devices can help you understand how each is performing individually. The test determines the speed of your internet on our network; however, we cannot guarantee speeds outside the Midco® network connection or speeds over a wireless connection.

We recommend you use the Midco speed test site to test speeds on our network and reduce outside influences that other speed tests may introduce. When performing a speed test, follow these guidelines:

  • Use the computer with the fastest or most-advanced hardware and software. Gigabit Ethernet cards are needed for Midco Internet 100 and higher speeds.
  • Perform the speed test with the computer directly connected via a wired Ethernet cable to the cable modem, rather than a wireless connection. This will bypass any routers and eliminate factors that can impact test results.

Take the Internet Speed Test