Internet Support

Consider Your Number of Connected Devices

The number of connected devices can have an impact on the speeds you are receiving conducting the Midco® speed test. If there are ten devices actively connected simultaneously, they are all sharing the same connection. While each device can still get great download and upload speeds, they won’t each reach the maximum of your Midco internet service.

Many devices will continue to download and upload information even while they may not be in use by someone in your home. For example, a computer or tablet that is connected, but not in use, may be downloading software/app updates.

To get a better picture of the full capabilities of your internet service from Midco, try connecting just one device with an Ethernet cable directly to the modem and then performing the speed test. Refer to Identify Source of Internet Speed Issue.

If you consistently have issues with buffering, slow page loads, game latency and more caused by the multiple devices on your network, consider upgrading to Midco Gig!