Internet Suport

Identify How Many Devices Have Speed Concerns

When tracking down speed concerns, it helps to narrow down how many devices are impacted. Is it every device in the house or just one particular device?

  • If only one device is impacted, it is most often attributed to a compatibility or technical issue/limitation with that device. Because it is not an issue associated with the Midco Xstream® Internet service, you should contact the device manufacturer for support.
  • If all devices are impacted, there is likely a modem and/or router issue. All devices including the modem and/or router should be restarted before diving into troubleshooting. Follow these steps to reboot your cable modem and/or router .
  • If only wireless devices are affected but wired devices work normally, the wireless channel on the modem or router likely needs to be changed, or the wireless connection may need to be restarted.
    • Wireless Devices: On your wireless device, locate the Settings area. Look for a Wi-Fi section and locate the option to turn it off. After you’ve turned off the wireless device, turn it back on and test your connection.
    • Wireless Modems/Routers: Some modems and routers have an Auto wireless channel feature. Rebooting the modem or router may force it to select the best channel possible.

If this does not resolve the issue, contact our Customer Service team at 1.800.888.1300 to assist with changing the channel on any Midco® provided wireless cable modem.

For a modem you purchased from a retail store, refer to the modem’s enclosed instructions or user guide, find this material online or contact the manufacturer for support. Midco does not provide support for routers and cable modems purchased from retail providers.