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PC Protection Overview

Midco's® Virus Protection Service

As part of our effort to ensure our customers the best possible Internet experience, Midco's new Virus Protection Service screens all incoming and outgoing email for virus infections. This service is provided for all Midco Xstream® customers at no charge.

If an email sent to you appears to have a virus, our email scanners will intercept it and stop it from reaching your computer. No action is required on your part. You will then be sent a Virus Protection Warning message from us. (Please note, Midco will NEVER send an email to you with an attachment. It is best not to open a Virus Protection Warning from anyone if it contains an attachment.)

The Virus Protection Warning message will give you an opportunity to see who sent the email. If you don't know the sender, ignore the email completely since it is most likely the result of an email virus. It is a good idea to ignore the original email. A virus can sometimes forge an email address of someone you know. Replying to an infected sender may, in fact, make you a target for future attacks. If you receive a blocked email from someone you know and have reason to believe the email was really from them, you can send a new email to their address asking the message be resent after a thorough virus scan of their computer. They may or may not have a virus.

Midco can only scan email traveling through our email servers, including our own web-based email system. Viruses sent through other web-based email systems not using our servers, such as Yahoo and Hotmail, may reach your computer. Other media that can also be contaminated are removable drives, chat, and peer-to-peer communications over the Internet. It is best to have multiple layers of virus protection on your computer. Midco, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), is just one layer of protection. Firewalls and anti-virus software on your PC are also strongly recommended.

The PC Protection Links below offer additional information on how to protect your PC from dangerous Internet content.

PC Protection Overview

This page serves as a centralized location for you to access information on protection from the latest viruses for your PC. You should take time to review this information so you can make educated decisions on how to defend your computer against those on the Internet who would harm your system or use your system to harm other computers.

Viruses and worms are becoming more complex and no longer require you to open an attachment to activate them. Plus, tools used to find unprotected computers are becoming more efficient and effective. Note: It is Midco's policy to NEVER use attachments in email communications with our customers. If you receive what looks like an email from Midco Network Administrators with an attachment, do not open that email.

Midco is working hard to provide you with the fastest Internet connection and the tools you need for a safe computing experience.

The links below are not endorsements of any particular company or software package. You must make your own educated decision on how best to protect your computer system. Midco is not responsible for any damages to your computer or other computers connected to yours as a result of your choices regarding computer protection.

We cannot regulate all possible ways viruses can get to your computer (i.e. CD's, Software, Diskettes, Hard Drives, etc.) so it is very important your own virus/worm protection software resides on your computer. We will do our best to quickly disconnect infected computers from our systems as a protection to the rest of our customers.

Should you have any questions, please call our customer care team at Midco.com/Contact..