Email Account Encryption

Email Account Encryption

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Secure your data.

At Midco, we’re always looking out for the safety and security of your data. One way we do this is by requiring all Midco email accounts to update their settings to include email account encryption.

Email account encryption protects your messages from being read by unintended recipients. This safeguards not only your privacy but also your personal information. This extra layer of security helps prevent hackers from accessing your passwords and other important account information.

Setting up email account encryption for your Midco email address on your device is easy. We’ve outlined basic instructions for a number of different devices and email applications on our device setup page.

When looking to enable encryption, make sure the SSL (secure sockets layer) or TLS (transport layer security) setting is turned on. This will encrypt the connection between you and Midco.

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Our goal is to make your account as safe as possible. If you do not enable encryption for your email account, you will temporarily lose access to your account.

If this happens, it's easy to regain control of your Midco email address. Simply follow the instructions for your specific device or email application on our device setup page.

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Read about the ins and outs of encryption and other online security tips from a Midco IT expert. 

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