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Phone Features

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Get help with your Midco® phone features, such as voicemail, call waiting and more. Please note that some features must be enabled on your account so that you can use them, and some features may vary by location. 


Learn how to set up your voicemail, as well as manage your voicemail and retrieve messages.

Call Blocking & Screening

Reject all incoming calls that have been blocked or marked as private or anonymous calls.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding allows you to forward calls temporarily to another number.

Caller ID & Call Waiting

Find out who is calling you without having to pick up the phone with caller ID.

Three-Way Calling

Join multiple parties on one phone call with the three-way calling feature.

Speed Call

Quickly call frequently called phone numbers with a code with speed dial, also known as speed call.

Continuous Redial

With continuous redial, your phone can automatically redial busy numbers while you make and receive other calls.

Distinctive Ring

Distinctive ringing lets you set unique ring tones for specific numbers.

Last Call Return

If an incoming caller hangs up before you can answer, give them a call back using last call return.

Call Trace

Call trace helps stop threatening, obscene or harassing calls.


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