Construction Support

More Midco? What could be better? We are excited to expand services to homes and businesses across the region. From upgraded services to new locations, you’ll soon experience more whoa! where you are.

Check below for more information about the construction process and what to expect when Midco comes to your town.

Easement Information

We take proper measures to ensure we have permission to work on properties. Get details on how this works.

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Construction Process

While each project varies, we’re committed to making every step of the construction process as easy – and convenient – as possible.

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Underground Utilities

It’s critical not to disturb underground infrastructure for any utility. Discover details on utility marking and call-before-you-dig programs.

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Service Line Install

One of the last steps in the process is bringing our signal – and service lines – right to your door with drop or pre-bury options.

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Construction questions or issues?

If you’ve got a construction-related question, concern or issue, we want to know. Give us a call or chat online with someone in the know.

Call 1.877.701.0811

Happy to be here.

Midco is coming to more places than ever. We’re also committed to continuously adding new and upgraded services to places we already are. Bottom line – there’s no grass growing under our feet. See what Midco is bringing to your town.

Upcoming Locations

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Don’t see your town on our list? Don’t fret. We’re always looking at the map for new places to go. Fill out the form below if you:

  • Would like Midco in your neighborhood.
  • See construction crews or signs in your area.
  • Want to get updates on when Midco is coming to town.

We’ll add your name to the list and keep you posted of any new developments.

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