Internet Support

Bandwidth Usage

Knowing you average daily or weekly internet bandwidth usage is important. One-day usage spikes are common, but usage that increases significantly and remains at a high level for several days could be a problem. Someone could be using your wireless network without your knowledge. One of your devices might have a virus or spyware. It could also be a technical glitch, but it pays to pay attention. That's why Midco offers a convenient way for you to monitor usage online.

To check your bandwidth usage:

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. In the Services section next to Internet, click Bandwidth Usage.
  3. View your usage by the hour, day, month to date or year to date.
What is normal?

Bandwidth usage is typically presented in GB (gigabytes); however, you can look at the information by KB (kilobytes), MB (megabytes) and TB (terabytes). How much bandwidth do certain activities take? Here are some examples: 

• Website browsing for 10 hours = 0.005 GB
• Sending 100 emails = 0.008 GB
• Posting 100 photos = 0.05 GB
• Streaming music for 1 hour = 0.05 GB
• Playing games for 10 hours = 0.5 GB
• Streaming four movies = 9 GB

Data usage changes over time as you use the internet and the services and applications available for it. Each home’s usage profile is unique – which is evident in the report’s daily, weekly and monthly averages for comparison purposes.