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How Wireless Works

Here, you can learn how wireless works, what can impact Wi-Fi performance, and how you can optimize and troubleshoot your connectivity.

A Wi-Fi (or wireless) network uses radio waves to deliver wireless, high-speed internet to compatible devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, home security systems, gaming systems, printers, appliances and more. How wireless connects to all of these devices depends on many factors, such as device technology and your cable modem.

Locate Wireless Key

Learn how to log in to your modem to access your wireless network name and passcode (also known as a network key).

Connect Wi-Fi Devices

Have a new mobile phone, laptop or gaming device? Here’s how you can get connect your wireless-enabled devices to your in-home, Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Interference

Did you know that your home’s physical environment, electronics, modem location and other factors can affect the Wi-Fi signal in your home? Learn more, and see what you can do to reduce the impact.

Secure Your Wi-Fi

Your cable modem and wireless network both have passwords to make sure your network is secure – so neighbors and strangers can’t connect to your Wi-Fi. Learn about steps to protect your wireless network and yourself.