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Midco Broadband Investment

Helping Hometowns Thrive

Fast, reliable internet makes it possible for us to live and work where want – from large, bustling cities to one-stoplight towns. This is why Midco is investing in high-speed broadband using a hybrid approach that covers both our fiber coaxial network and our evolving fixed wireless infrastructure. It’s part of the Midco Edge OutSM strategy, where we “edge out” high-speed internet from our fiber backbone in urban areas – using fixed wireless technology. 

Expanding Rural Broadband in Lake Country

Lake life is an idyllic fantasy for many of us – but for some people, it’s a reality. Businesses in these areas still need internet options that can keep up with the demands of daily commerce – and expanding rural broadband infrastructure in towns like Annandale, MN, means local economies can thrive.

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"When school got out at 3 pm, our internet speeds dropped drastically. Doing credit card transactions was nearly impossible. Now, we can transact business much faster, and it’s very reliable."

– Marty Ferguson, Business Owner, Annandale, MN

Empowered Rural Businesses

Business owners looking to relocate need access to internet to stay connected with clients and maintain business functions. High-speed internet invites more investment in communities, and gives businesses greater e-commerce options. Fast broadband connections also add to economic growth, helping businesses connect branch locations – and open new ones.

Work-from-Home Opportunities

High-speed internet helps attract people who want to live and raise their families in smaller Midwest communities. It gives them more flexibility, letting them choose to work remotely or establish home-based businesses. And when local residents can telecommute, they’re driving less – reducing their carbon footprint, traffic congestion, and road wear and tear.

Taking the Bull Out of Rural Internet

The Olson Hereford Ranch’s annual bull sale is one of the biggest days of the year for this family operation. And although the sale happens in rural North Dakota in February, Midco® Fixed Wireless Internet ensures online bidders can have the same access as if they were sitting in the bleachers.

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"If we didn't have fixed wireless, we'd just be limited as to what we could do. It would be like trying to farm without having GPS or not having a tool in your toolbox."

– Carl Olson, Olson Hereford Ranch, Fargo, ND

Connecting the Countryside with Broadband Internet

Moving out of the city to a smaller town – like Scandia, MN – can feel like a leap of faith. The idea of slowing down is incredibly tempting, but what about the logistics? Can you make the same living, working the same job remotely? Is there reliable internet connectivity to support a VPN? In an increasing number of cases, the answers are yes.

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"I've been able to telecommute for five years. I can start at 7 am, take a quick lunch and work until 5 pm. I can get in 10 hours easily and still have a work-life balance."

–Jeff Singer, IT Project Manager, Scandia, MN

Hometown Telemedicine

Midco’s internet connectivity is a key component in telemedicine. Rural residents with geographical barriers need access to healthcare anytime and anywhere. MRIs, ultrasounds, X-rays and other medical images can be shared online with distant specialists – saving residents from having to drive hours to get medical care. Online consultations also reduce the number of costly patient transfers to other facilities. This saves money and lives.

Boundary-Free Classrooms

With rural broadband internet options, students have access to limitless learning resources that rural schools cannot always provide on their own. In small communities, students have more opportunities to learn world languages, take advanced placement courses, and choose from a variety of electives through online learning.

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