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What to Know About Easements

When we come into a new area, we work with the local municipality to install our service lines on public and private dedicated utility easements. 

If needed for the project, we may reach out to property owners for additional easements. These contracts help keep our construction teams moving so you – and your neighbors – can get access to all the benefits of Midco services.

An easement is a permanent right authorizing a person or party (in this case Midco) to use the land for a particular purpose – installing new service lines. An easement is a legal document and must be signed by all owners of the property prior to work beginning.  

Generally, we ask for an easement along the rear property lines. This helps us keep your front yard looking good and allows us to mount the utility box on the backside of your house.  

Easements are perpetual and are not subject to termination or expiration. Once an easement is signed, it becomes part of the property record and continues to remain in place even after you sell your property.

It can vary, but typically we just need a small area – only about a 5-foot strip of land.

You are entitled to reasonable use of the easement land. This means you can put a garden or a fence over it. You cannot, however, place a building or other permanent structure on top of the easement area.

Our construction teams are incredibly careful of your property, but if something does sustain damage, we guarantee the property will be restored to its previous condition.

Yes. We pay each property owner a $10 consideration fee, as well as paying all fees to create and record the easement.

Plus, having Midco’s fast and reliable services come right to your home can add to the value of your property.