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Underground Utilities

What to Know About Utilities

Before we can start the construction process, we need a roadmap. This tells us where to dig – and more importantly – where not to. 

Flags and paint markers are essential and legally required to keep all utility infrastructure intact and working – as well as in keeping our crews safe and construction on schedule.

As part of the construction process, Midco or our contractor will call 811 for your address to notify all utility companies serving your area. Each company is responsible for marking their own underground utility lines on the property with flags and/or temporary paint.

A stake is placed at the location of the new pedestal. From there, a series of white flags or paint will mark the way of the proposed route we’ll take to bring services throughout the neighborhood.

The different colored flags and paint have different meanings.

  • Red – Electric 
  • Yellow – Gas, oil, steam
  • Orange – Communication CATV
  • Blue – Potable water
  • Purple – Irrigation, reclaimed water, slurry lines
  • Green – Sewer
  • Pink – Temporary survey markings
  • White – Proposed excavation 


Utility companies do not mark private utilities that are the responsibility of the property owner. Examples of these include:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Sewer/septic systems
  • Underground power/lighting
  • Invisible dog fences
  • Gas line to a grill or power service from a home or garage

If you are unsure where your underground utilities are, let us know. We can work with you to identify where these items are. Unfortunately, some lines can be difficult to locate, like sprinklers or invisible dog fences, unless they were installed with a tracer wire.

When Midco is doing construction in your area, we will handle calling 811. However, you'll want to call 811 if you're ever doing your own projects in your yard – such as planting a new tree, digging for landscaping, or installing a mailbox or a fence.

Be sure to call a few days in advance to make sure all utility companies can mark their services before your digging starts. This will prevent disruption of services for your home and your neighbors – and also keep everyone safe!

Call Before You Dig Details by State

Please, do NOT remove any utility or other markers placed. These are crucial for keeping infrastructure online, and in the safety of our crew – allowing us to work efficiently on your property.

Once our crews finish, they will remove all markers in and around your yard.