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Midco to partner with First Bank & Trust arena project

BROOKINGS, SD – [Thursday, May 5, 2022]

The longstanding relationship between Midco and South Dakota State University will continue with the addition of the Midco Club, which will be a significant part of the renovation of First Bank & Trust Arena.

The Midco Club will be located on the arena’s south side near midcourt and will be a premier space, providing a first-class experience for spectators. Select fans will be able to access this unique area prior to and throughout events in First Bank & Trust Arena.



Midco and SDSU have been partners for more than a decade, and this announcement is the latest example of the bond between the two entities. While the two have grown in tandem during that time, the relationship traces back to key connections forged between Midco employees and their ties to Jackrabbit Nation.

Midco Chair and CEO Pat McAdaragh attended Hillcrest Elementary School in Brookings when his father was SDSU’s business manager. Paige Pearson Meyer, Director of Corporate Communications at Midco, is the daughter of two SDSU graduates, Darry and Deborah. Her upbringing involved season tickets for basketball and football, a tradition she maintains today. Midco Sports General Manager Craig DeWit is a 1998 graduate in broadcast journalism.

McAdaragh said Midco’s philanthropic initiatives ensure that athletic programs are high on the list for giving back. “Midco’s ethos is to be a force for good,” said McAdaragh. “We find that sports bring people together and help form social connections, which we all need. As for supporting youth, it’s fun to watch kids compete and grow, gaining confidence and independence.”

DeWit said the inception of NCAA Division I era at SDSU was a turning point for the university’s relationship with Midco Sports. “We’ve grown together – both organizations are thriving,” said DeWit. “The latest example of this ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ is the amazing run of the women’s basketball team in the WNIT tournament. Obviously, the Jackrabbits came out with a lot of great press and attention, and that carried over to Midco Sports and Midco Sports Plus viewership interest.”

DeWit said while SDSU’s skyrocketing athletic success has put the university on a national stage, Midco has been instrumental in shining the spotlight on State’s premier athletic performances. The WNIT semifinal win over UCLA was the most-watched women’s basketball game ever on Midco Sports.

SDSU Director of Athletics Justin Sell also spoke to the impact of the years-long relationship between Midco and SDSU, both now and in the future. “Midco’s support to the First Bank & Trust Arena project further strengthens a tremendous partnership entering its second decade. With Midco Sports’ first-class production, the coverage has played a major role in sharing the Jackrabbit story and our successes to viewers both locally and across the country.”

Construction on First Bank & Trust Arena will begin this summer, with the renovation expected to take two years. The total project cost is estimated at $50 million, with significant funding already generated from private donors and industry partners.

Through a premier partnership and a common goal to elevate athletics, Midco and SDSU continue to build an unrivaled fan experience.

“This partnership and Midco’s gift have me beaming with pride,” said DeWit. “I look forward to my friends, family, and all SDSU fans getting to enjoy the Midco Club for many, many years.”