Our future is fiber and already underway.


Introducing: Fiber Forward from Midco

Midco is leaping ahead with Fiber Forward, a $500 million investment that paves the way for Midco customers to experience the best of 10 Gig (10G) – a seamlessly connected smart world with technologies that will reinvent the way we live.

Fiber Forward will use Midco’s robust fiber network and next gen fiber tech to deliver 10G speeds, incredible reliability and increase performance to support what’s next in revolutionary innovations.

  • Remote diagnostics and more advanced medical care
  • High-resolution and responsiveness for video streaming and gamers
  • A virtual world of holodecks and interactive video walls
  • Augmented reality for businesses

“Fiber Forward is an investment in people. This transformative fiber upgrade will benefit the many folks that we serve. Two years ago, we announced our vision to bring 10G to everyone. It will provide fast symmetrical speeds, low latency, unmatched reliability, and rock-solid security. After much research and testing, we’re set to deploy a mix of next gen fiber technologies to our customers.”

Pat McAdaragh
President and CEO

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Stronger communities await.

Fiber Forward ensures that Midco-served communities will have a state-of-the-art fiber network, leading to greater economic development, education and quality of life. A strong, reliable network not only tightens our connection to each other, it connects our region with the world. Advancement, innovation and collaboration are at our fingertips.

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Fiber is our future.

When complete, Midco’s Fiber Forward investment will deliver fiber to homes and businesses using advanced fiber technology solutions – doubling the Midco Fiber Network to 22,000 miles of fiber.

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“Just a few short years ago, a 100 Mbps internet connection was considered amazingly fast. Yet, we continued to innovate, deploying gigabit to our Midco footprint. The pandemic then turned the world upside down, forcing people to work and learn from home. It created an intense need for video conferencing and other high demand applications. Our network performed remarkably well, due in large part to that gigabit upgrade. We know technical innovation will accelerate. Fiber Forward ensures our network can support whatever revolutionary technology comes our way.”

Jon Pederson
Chief Technology Innovation Officer

At Midco, the future is fiber and already underway.

Plans are underway for North Dakota and South Dakota to upgrade 300,000 homes and businesses. Eventually all communities served by Midco will be upgraded with fiber.

Plans are underway for the entire state, with Fargo, Dickinson and Bismarck being the first projects for North Dakota with 150,000 homes and businesses being upgraded.

Included Communities

Dilworth, MN

Glen Ullin
Grand Forks

Moorhead, MN
New Salem

South Heart
West Fargo

We’re going big in South Dakota. Rollout begins in Sioux Falls followed by plans for fiber in the entire state with 150,000 homes and businesses being upgraded.

Included Communities


Elk Point

Sioux Falls

Reach out to learn more about Fiber Forward in your community.

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Fiber Forward FAQ

Many changes are already underway! We know you may have questions. Learn more about what Fiber Forward means to our customers, Midco's construction process and more.

Incredible reliability, enhanced speeds and lower latency to increase performance and support revolutionary innovations.

Examples include remote health diagnostics and more advanced medical care, super-high resolution graphics and quicker action for gamers, a virtual world of holodecks and interactive video walls and augmented reality for entertainment and business.

Next Gen Tech is an extension of Midco’s current technology. It expands capability and quality. Fiber Forward is an example of Next Gen Tech. It enhances reliability, increases overall capacity and improves performance.

Yes, Fiber Forward will double the Midco Network to 22,000 miles of fiber.

10G is ten gigabits per second while 5G stands for fifth generation cellular technology. Recently, Midco brought customers 1G download speeds. With U.S. and international cable providers, Midco will deliver 10G to create a seamlessly connected smart world.

Eventually, yes. Over time, all markets will be FTTP capable and many already are – the first FTTP projects that will be visible in most markets will be network extensions.

This will be a multi-year initiative, focusing on key areas in North Dakota and South Dakota first, with plans to expand to the entire Midco footprint by the end of completion.

Each area may differ slightly. It could be as simple as Midco upgrading the network in the area for customers to receive Fiber Forward benefits like improved reliability and enhanced speeds. In other cases, you may be asked to convert all your services to the upgraded network to take full advantage of all the benefits Fiber Forward will offer.

No. We’re not raising prices because of these upgrades. These are long-term, generational investments that are part of our commitment to a best-in-class customer experience.

Communication is key. Whether you are a customer of Midco or not, we will let you know via mail or email will send you a formal communication to inform you that the Fiber Forward upgrade is happening near your home or business and to be on the lookout for our construction crews. Plus, Midco signs will be placed throughout your neighborhood to let you know we are there.

The short answer, yes. There are several steps in the construction process like obtaining easements, surveying the area, and actual construction crews working to install a service line directly to your home or business. Visit Construction Support to learn what to expect out of the construction process.

We're powering innovation with 10G.

Fiber Forward – it’s been part of our plans all along. In 2019, we announced Midco’s $500 million investment to deliver a 10G network by 2030. We partnered with NCTA – The Internet and Television Association, CableLabs and Cable Europe to drive technology and 10G innovation globally.

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