Remove My Account | Midco Account & Billing Support

Remove My Account

We are pleased to assist with requests for profile and data deletion. If you choose to delete your profile while retaining your services, please be aware that you will no longer have access to the following mobile and web browser apps or services:

  • Midco My Account app
  • MidcoTV app
  • Midco Wi-Fi app
  • Midco Freestyle app
  • TV Everywhere services

Additionally, you will lose the ability to manage automatic payments or enroll in paperless billing. Those not enrolled in paperless billing will receive a monthly paper bill fee. If you delete your profile as the primary account holder, all authorized and entertainment users will also be deleted, preventing access to account management and entertainment services through these applications.

What can be deleted:

  • Your profile email and password
  • App usage data associated with your profile

What can't be deleted:

  • Aggregated app usage data not tied to your profile
  • Data necessary to maintain your services
  • Data required to be retained for legal and/or regulatory requirements

How to make a request

To initiate a deletion request, please call us at 1.800.888.1300 to speak with a Customer Care Agent. You can expect your profile and associated data to be deleted within 10 business days.