What is Fiber Internet?

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What is fiber internet?

Fiber. It's the backbone of how we move data from point to point, and it's getting a lot of hype as providers (like us) expand our fiber miles to bring it closer to everyday internet users.

But, what is fiber internet, exactly? How come it's such a big deal now? And more importantly, how will it impact your internet experience?

Let's start with the basics.


So, get excited.

Through Fiber Forward, Midco is laying new fiber, or we're rebuilding or strengthening our existing fiber infrastructure, which will lead to a better connection today – and tomorrow. 


What is fiber internet?  

To put it simply, fiber internet is the most advanced broadband option available today. Using fiber as the baseline of a strong connection brings faster, more reliable internet to more people who rely on it for education, work and more.

How is fiber installed?  

Since building out fiber requires permits, easements, specialized equipment and unique expertise from our teams – with a limited margin for error – it can be a long and expansive process. Thankfully, it’s worth it. In the long run, fiber is easy to maintain and more accessible than it ever used to be.

Some fiber networks go right to the customer’s home or business. 

It’s more common for fiber to extend to a location somewhere between the provider’s facility and the customer’s neighborhood, then the last bit of distance uses coaxial cable. 

Fiber Internet with Coaxial Internet  

Fiber Internet 

  • Converts electrical signals carrying data to light  
  • Sends the light through glass fibers about as thin as a hair  
  • Transmits data at speeds far faster than other delivery methods.  

Coaxial Internet 

  • Transmits data through electricity
  • Cables primarily made of copper
  • Enables fast transmission
  • Helps bring fiber connectivity into homes or businesses

What happens when the fiber upgrade is complete?     

You’ll enjoy... 

  • Fast loading times for websites.  
  • Minimal buffering for gaming, streaming and video calls.  
  • Speedy uploading to rival your download speed.  
  • An optimal user experience online.  
  • The confidence that your internet is ready to support future innovations in tech.  

We’re expanding our fiber optic network. 

See when you can expect network upgrades at your home or business