Stay Connected with
Midco Lifeline

We believe staying connected is important – whether it’s staying in touch with family and friends, searching and applying for a job, completing school work, or paying bills. 

That’s why low-income households get affordable home phone or internet access through Midco’s Lifeline assistance program. This isn’t a promotion or special offer. Lifeline is a federal program intended to put home phone and internet service within the reach of qualifying families.

For questions about the Lifeline Assistance Program, call 1.800.888.1300, and we will be happy to assist you!

Broadband Assistance

Get internet speeds of up to 25 Mbps downloads and up to 3 Mbps uploads for just $5.70 per mo.1 There’s no installation fee, and modems are rent-free.

Home Phone Assistance

Enjoy a reduced monthly rate for reliable, digital home phone service.2 There’s no installation fee, and you can get free long-distance blocking and selective call rejection.


Lifeline Assistance is available to qualifying new and current customers who meet income guidelines. Some of the other eligibility requirements include:

  • Only one Lifeline credit is allowed per household.
  • Only one Lifeline credit is allowed per individual.
  • Midco service must be in the eligible participant’s name or they must certify that the program participant is a member of the household.
  • You may be required to recertify household eligibility at any time. Failure to recertify may result in termination of the Lifeline benefit.
  • Lifeline assistance cannot be transferred to another person.

How to Apply

If you are interested in Lifeline benefits, contact us at 1.800.888.1300 or download and fill out our Lifeline Assistance application and attach a copy or copies of eligibility documentation. After signing the completed application, mail it with your proof of eligibility documents to Midco, PO Box 5010, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-9908.

Download Application

NOTE:  If all required information and/or signatures are not completed on the application, or we are missing proof of eligibility, the application will be returned to the customer for completion. Each application must meet the federal and state requirements to qualify for Lifeline benefits. 

Questions or Complaints

For unresolved questions or complaints, you may contact the state utilities commission in your state:


Kansas Corporation Commission,
Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection
1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, KS 66604
Toll-Free: 1.800.662.0027, or in Topeka: 785.271.3140
Hearing or speech impaired TCC Kansas Relay Center: 1.800.766.3777


Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, Consumer Affairs Office
121 7th Place E, Ste 350, Saint Paul, MN 55101
Toll-Free: 1.800.657.3782 or 651.296.0406

North Dakota

North Dakota Public Service Commission
600 E Boulevard, Bismarck, ND 58505
Toll-Free: 1.877.245.6685 or in Bismarck: 701.328.2400

South Dakota

South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, Consumer Affairs
Capitol Building, 500 E Capitol Ave, Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605.773.3201

1 Broadband Lifeline only. Price is effective as of January 1, 2017.

2 When qualifying under the Federal Telephone Lifeline Program, if you live in Minnesota or Kansas, you will also qualify for additional state assistance under the Minnesota Telephone Assistance Program (TAP) or the Kansas State Lifeline program.

Taxes and other federal fees will increase the cost on phone services. FCC regulations state that broadband Lifeline recipients must remain with the same internet service provider (in this case, Midco) for at least 12 months after first qualifying for the Lifeline discount. After that, you are free to switch your internet and qualify for a Lifeline benefit with a different company. The FCC allows an exception if you move to a different state or area where your provider (Midco) doesn’t offer service. If that’s the case, please contact us so we can help you transfer your broadband Lifeline benefit to your new internet provider.