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Interactive Guide

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On-Screen TV Guide

This page covers the interactive, on-screen guide for Midco non-TiVo DVRs, as well as HD and standard digital receivers. We cover other TV guides for TiVo® devices and HD digital adapters.

  • Your interactive guide (iGuide) gives you the opportunity to look for your favorite programs up to seven days in advance on any channel.
  • You can also make a favorites folder for everyone in your house – plus set parental controls on individual channels, programs ratings and more.

Learn how to access the guide, search for shows and start watching – all from your remote. See how to modify guide display settings and how to automatically watch in HD.


Make it easy to find your most-watched channels and more.

Set & View Recordings

If you have a Midco DVR (non-TiVo), you have a lot of options for setting up and watching recordings.

Manage Parental Controls

Did you know your interactive guide allows you to block viewing of programs based on ratings and channels? With parental controls, you can also hide titles from showing on the on-screen guide. If you use TV Everywhere streaming of networks in your cable package, there are also some streaming parental controls available.

On-Screen Messages

Find out what “to be announced,” “not authorized” and other messages mean on your TV guide.