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CableCARD Overview

A CableCARD is a credit-card-sized card that plugs directly into compatible digital TV or other device, such as a retail, third-party TiVo® DVR. With a CableCARD, you can view digital and HD channels without a set-top box or digital receiver.

If you have a combination of a CableCARD and HDTV, you can watch these cable channels:

  • HD and standard-definition channels
  • Music Choice digital music channels
  • Premium movie channels1

Unfortunately, a CableCARD does not provide access to ON Demand and pay-per-view content, as well as parental controls and an on-screen TV guide.

You don’t have to wait for an appointment, and you don’t have to be a techie. You can order a CableCARD from us and install it on your own.

  • If you need a CableCARD, contact us.
  • If you’re a customer moving services to a new address, just bring all current Midco equipment (cable boxes, modems, power cords and remotes) to your new location.

Required to Start:

  • Your TV or compatible device powered on
  • Your TV or compatible device’s manufacturer instructions
  • A CableCARD device
  1. Set up your equipment (TiVo®, TV or PC TV) by following the manufacturer instructions. 
  2. When the manufacturer’s instructions direct you to install the CableCARD, write down the serial number from the back of the CableCARD.
  3. Turn off your TV, and insert the CableCARD from Midco into the CableCARD slot on the back of the equipment.
    • For TiVo DVR Series 3 owners: If you have two CableCARDs to install, complete the installation of card 1 first (including calling Midco to complete card 1 installation) before installing card 2. Install card 1 into the slot marked #1.
  4. After the CableCARD is inserted into the retail equipment, turn on the equipment. An activation message will display when it’s time to take the next step.
    • A software update may be required, and it could take up to 30 minutes. An activation message will display when the update is complete.
    • If you a software update or activation message do not appear after five minutes of inserting the CableCARD, contact us.
  5. Write down the numbers that appear on screen for the CableCARD IS, Host ID and Data.
  6. Contact Midco at 1.800.888.1300, or by chat or social media support, to complete CableCARD activation. Please be ready with your:
    • CableCARD serial number
    • CableCARD IS, Host ID and Data numbers
    • TV or compatible equipment’s make and model number
  7. If your equipment requires a second CableCARD, complete these steps for that card.

DT2070C Single Stream CableCARD

DT2070C Single Stream CableCARD

2 1/4" W x 3 1/2" D x 1/4" H

DT2070M Multi-Stream CableCARD

DT2070M Multi-Stream CableCARD

2 1/4" W x 3 1/2" D x 1/4" H

Leased equipment is the property of Midco, so you should return it to avoid unreturned equipment charges being placed on your account. 

  1. If you received new equipment from Midco, remove the prepaid return label from the box with your new equipment. Otherwise, use our live chat or call 1.800.888.1300 to request a prepaid address label be sent to your email address. 
  2. Pack your equipment. 
    • Please return all equipment, remotes and power cords. 
    • Detach all cables and power cords from the equipment, and wrap equipment in bubble wrap, protecting all sides. 
    • Wrap any remote controls in separate bubble wrap.
    • Bundle power cords before packing them into the box. 
  3. Seal the box with packaging tape, and place the address label on the box (covering any old address labels that might be present).
  4. Mail the package. You can drop it off at any UPS location, or request a pickup online at

1 Premium channels require an additional subscription. Packages and channels are subject to change and may vary by location.